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September 24 2012

Embedded Link Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal News: September 24, 2012. WOOH NEW VIDEO DAYY! Discuss this comic in the forum. September 23, 2012. Wooh! I’m in Austin to sign a whole crapton of books and posters and such, so the[…]

September 14 2012

Intel researchers put WiFi inside—the processor, that is After a decade of research, Intel shows off Rosepoint CPU with integrated WiFi. This post has been reshared 1 times on Google+ View this post on Google+

September 13 2012

Google search gets its very own ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ calculator Google search has come a long way from the plain old list of ten results — there’s a full calculator with graphing functions, flight search, movie showtimes, and[…]

September 5 2012

Spotify For Android Gets NFC Sharing For Ice Cream Sandwich And Better Offline Mode | TechCrunch Without a doubt, Spotify is my service-of-choice for listening to music these days. It was a huge win when I was in Mexico, and[…]

September 4 2012

Oh hey, NPR has a the new XX album to stream in its entirety.  First Listen: The xx, ‘Coexist’ : NPR The Mercury Prize winners’ songs play like introductions to longer pieces that will eventually explode into bludgeoning catharsis —[…]

August 29 2012

A little late, but  this is pretty cool President Obama’s doing an AMA on Reddit today, invites the people to pose their digital questions View this post on Google+

August 28 2012

How I cracked my neighbor’s WiFi password without breaking a sweat Readily available tools make cracking easier. View this post on Google+

August 27 2012

 How about camera tablets?  Samsung rumored to introduce Android-powered ‘Galaxy Camera’ at IFA this week Samsung has already slapped the Galaxy brand on phones and media players, and now there’s a chance it’s coming to a dedicated camera for the[…]

August 27 2012

Boom Town: Tech Jobs Have Tripled In San Francisco Since The Start Of 2012 | TechCrunch The visual evidence of boom times returning to San Francisco is all around the city: Apartments are nearly impossible to find, rents and home[…]

August 25 2012

Meet the ‘bots’ that edit Wikipedia Meet the “bots” that help editors keep Wikipedia functioning. View this post on Google+

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