To become part of an environment where I can use my technical skills and other areas of expertise to empower organizations and individuals to produce effective solutions to problems.


Rice University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Managerial Studies (May 2012)

Business Minor  •   Specialization in Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Relevant Coursework:

Computational Thinking, Computation in Science and Engineering, Methods in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Methods of data analysis & system optimization, Principles of Program Design

Knowledge and Skills

Software Development

I am a self taught software engineer with over eleven years of experience with PHP, Python, (My)SQL / PostgreSQL, Javascript, Java, C#, and Linux system administration. This includes experience with popular web development frameworks such as Django, AngularJS, Node, .NET, Ember, React, JQuery, and many others. I am also actively working on expanding my abilities into iOS and Android development while keeping up with industry standards and best practices.

Business / Product Development

I have had first hand experience working through every phase of the product development cycle. This has included the planning, development, and the process of sales / integration of a final product. I have also gained unique insights into these phases from the perspective of running my own startup, working for a large enterprise software company, and producing products tailored to the home / SMB segment.

My Career


Senior Software Engineer (January 2016 – Present)

  • Actively works on the modernization and implementation of new features on a online banking and personal finance management platform using EmberJS.

Senior Software Engineer (October 2014 – December 2015)

  • Worked on the design, architecture, and implementation of new features for a customer service productivity and remote connection tool written in Javascript using using Node and AngularJS.
  • Enhanced the user experience and frontend interaction capabilities of existing products by adding real time collaboration features through websockets, html5 canvas, and extending existing UI components.
  • Developed the architecture and initial implementation for a system that allowed an organization to view a customer’s screen and provided guidance on a website through an embed Javascript browser SDK.
  • Assisted in the planning and delegation of features and bug fixes between development cycles by providing sizing estimates and breaking down components into smaller and more manageable tasks.


McLennon, Inc

Principal Software Engineer / Founder (January 2005 – December 2012)

  • Founded and successfully sold an online video and gaming website that generated six figure revenues while still in high school.

  • Developed and maintained content management solutions for high traffic websites (daily traffic in millions) using PHP, MySQL / PostgreSQL, JavaScript, and jQuery.

  • Achieved a 70% reduction in technical support costs and overhead by leveraging the FogBugz and ZenDesk APIs to develop a system that determined validity, proposed solutions, and automatically resolved support tickets using Python and Java.

  • Developed a system that performed automated provisioning of server resources by using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) API to spawn new EC2 Linux virtual machine instances and utilize S3 cloud storage backends.

  • Converted existing website templates to make use of HTML5, CS33, and responsive design patterns that retained the same level of functionality, usability, and shared codebase.

  • Automated the process of content production and deployment by developing a distributed system that automatically downloaded new content, performed additional processing, and uploaded the resulting file to the appropriate server using Python and Django.

AVG Technologies

Software Engineer (January 2013 – October 2014)

  • Plays a primary role in providing training, writing documentation, and initiating new software development in new innovation projects.

  • Acted as a primary developer for a new security product that made use of client side javascript in AngularJS in order to consume, process, and render templates based on encrypted data from a custom REST api written in Node using the restify / express frameworks.

  • Helped modernized a SaaS frontend by transitioning from a flash interface to a more responsive design using HTML5, AngularJS, and a RESTful API.

  • Developed new features while performing optimizations and other maintenance for a legacy PHP platform in order to ease the transition to Django and a client side javascript reporting system.

  • Led the integration of several key partners into the AVG ad exchange platform by coordinating efforts from the sales, engineering, and design teams.




Autonomy / Hewlett-Packard

Software Engineer (June 2012 – January 2013)

  • Acted as a liaison between abstract and complicated business requirements and the technical details behind the software and implementation within a project.

  • Served as a primary developer in the modernization of the front end features and technology in the TeamSite content management system using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery.

  • Performed necessary changes to front-end code using JavaScript and client side template engines such as Mustache.js, and XML / XSLT transformations in order to implement proposed design wireframes while maintaining compatibility with existing software components and Java backend code.

  • Expanded backend user profile capabilities by analyzing data consumed from the Facebook API and other social networks while interacting with external customer relationship management endpoints such as the Salesforce API and advanced capabilities of Google Analytics using Java.

  • Created custom workflow components that generated automated content for a client’s various social media outlets through the Twitter and Facebook API using Java.


Rice University Engineers Without Borders

Webmaster / Director of Technology (March 2009 – Present)

  • Integrated external documents into existing content management system by implementing a plugin that interacted with the Google Docs API using PHP.
  • Created a single sign-on solution (SSO) that made use of a student’s existing credentials and group memberships within the Rice University Central Authentication system using PHP
  • Implemented changes in the website design to improve usability and responsiveness on different screen resolutions using CSS.