Category: Programming

July 27 2014

In user interface programming, most platforms have a concept of a main UI thread, and at least one background thread. This provides the ability to perform long running tasks in the background without preventing the user from interacting with your[…]

July 2 2014

In order to reduce the costs associated with bandwidth, I wrote a simple download script a while ago that caches the most recently accessed files from Amazon S3 on a less expensive hosting plan. This script was written using a[…]

May 6 2013

Ars Technica posted an interesting article about a video codec that is written entirely in javascript.  Theoretically, this has huge implications for live video streaming and client side rendering of content without a plugin.   However, with the rise of[…]

April 29 2013

As programmers, I think it’s very easy to fall into the trap trying to automating something without thinking about the time wasted by actually creating solution.  Fortunately, XKCD has come up with the a chart that helps avoid these kind[…]

March 24 2013

Reshared post from +Paul Irish Web-based IDEs: (works offline!) (invite only) (invite only) View this post on Google+

March 6 2013

Reshared post from +Brian Kardell Very TD;DR Post by me looking at how we've dealt with browser support in the past (good and bad) and how an #evergreen  future might cause us to rethink… Regressive Disenfrancishement: Enhance, Fallback or Something[…]

January 22 2013

"A complete continuum of screen sizes is actually a blessing for Web designers and developers. It forces us toward adaptive solutions that respond to diverse capabilities instead of being able to draw arbitrary cut-off points for separate mobile, tablet, and[…]

January 7 2013

Reshared post from +Google Chrome Developers <iframe sandbox> doesn't save lives, but it can save your app from security issues! +Mike West lays it down. HTML5 Rocks – Play safely in sandboxed IFrames Learn how to run IFramed content in[…]