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January 25 2013

Pretty cool song about the suicides that happened while workers were making iPhones at a Foxconn factory.  View this post on Google+

January 24 2013

Reshared post from +Ricardo Cabello View this post on Google+

January 22 2013

"A complete continuum of screen sizes is actually a blessing for Web designers and developers. It forces us toward adaptive solutions that respond to diverse capabilities instead of being able to draw arbitrary cut-off points for separate mobile, tablet, and[…]

January 22 2013

Valve urges users to get Ubuntu and join Linux beta for Steam Valve has been working on Linux support for some time, first with a Steam beta program for Linux and now with Linux-based Steam Box hardware. The latter is[…]

January 21 2013

It takes a different mindset to be in a field that's defined by creativity vs being defined by the laws of physics. Embedded Link Engineers are cold and dead inside, research shows • The Register A study carried out by[…]

January 7 2013

Reshared post from +Google Chrome Developers <iframe sandbox> doesn't save lives, but it can save your app from security issues! +Mike West lays it down. HTML5 Rocks – Play safely in sandboxed IFrames Learn how to run IFramed content in[…]

January 2 2013

If for whatever reason you can't install Spotify on a  machine, this might come in handy.  Enable Spotify’s New Web Player Right Now Spotify announced its new web player yesterday, but it’s rolling out a beta slowly to select users.[…]

January 2 2013

Reshared post from +The Economist Archive: Working out is painful and boring. So why bother? To anthropologists of the future the gym boom may look as much like a sinister cult as a commercial triumph. Gym-going, after all, has all[…]