Just a few things I’ve found interesting along the way…

July 27 2014

In user interface programming, most platforms have a concept of a main UI thread, and at least one background thread. This provides the ability to perform long running tasks in the background without preventing the user from interacting with your[…]

July 2 2014

In order to reduce the costs associated with bandwidth, I wrote a simple download script a while ago that caches the most recently accessed files from Amazon S3 on a less expensive hosting plan. This script was written using a[…]

November 11 2013

When PostgreSQL announced support from JSON in version 9+, I was super excited for all the possibilities from the very beginning. The most obvious benefit, is how easy it makes to transition to server / client side code that uses[…]

August 15 2013

I recently discovered a button in my Gmail that linked to a new album on Spotify before I even opened the email.  I found it strange that GMail would promote a competing service, so I looked into it and discovered[…]

June 13 2013

I recently stumbled upon an old article at Moz (formerly SeoMoz) on a tip for creating permalinks while interacting with a web app using javascript. Modern javascript frameworks such as AngularJS often handle these automatically, but it’s nice to take[…]

May 16 2013

Google's consumer products usually get the most spotlight at Google I/O, but I feel like the some of the new developer features are exciting.   Although I've been doing a lot of stuff in Python lately, their new support for[…]

May 6 2013

Ars Technica posted an interesting article about a video codec that is written entirely in javascript.  Theoretically, this has huge implications for live video streaming and client side rendering of content without a plugin.   However, with the rise of[…]

May 2 2013

Exactly twenty years ago, a document was published that played a huge role in establishing the web as we know it today. Twenty years later, and this simple and straightforward document is proof of an irrefutable fact: while closed technologies[…]

April 30 2013

Yay #science Two-year-old girl receives new trachea made from her own stem cells Doctors announced today that two-and-a-half year old Hannah Warren just became the youngest person in history to receive a bioengineered organ transplant, a new windpipe made of[…]

April 29 2013

As programmers, I think it’s very easy to fall into the trap trying to automating something without thinking about the time wasted by actually creating solution.  Fortunately, XKCD has come up with the a chart that helps avoid these kind[…]

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